african shaman names

african shaman names

african shaman names

Dogon is a name for both male and female shaman in Center Mali. Dogons are advised on healing and divination by a head god named Amma. 19th Century European settlers and explorers referred to them as “witch doctors.” In Zulu, Sangomas show their ancestors respect through ritual and animal sacrifice. Nguni cultures tend to their dream watching shaman who are known as Inyanga. They are unique in that they remedy pains by discovering ailments in dreams and then performing the cures on their patients. Inyanga is also a name that has more than one meaning across several tribes. The Karanga people identify an Inyanga as a variation of an herbal expert. Just like so many other shaman names, Inyanga can be applied to both sexes. The literal name for Babalawo is, “father of the mysteries” or “master of the spirits.” Indeed, that is how the Yoruba people of Nigeria see their shaman. The Babalawo keep in contact with Orunmila in order for them to ascertain the future. There exists a hierarchy of shamanism in Nigeria Ifa religion. Before becoming an actual shaman, students must undergo training, memorization and interpretation of the 256 Odu mysteries. At this time the students will go by the name Awo, which applies to both genders. Upon successfully completing all requirements, women are then known as Iyanifa and men are known as Babalawo.


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