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Shaman names

shaman names

Here is a list of shaman names from around the world.
Asia: Boo, Ua Neeb, Txiv Neeb, Mudangs, Jhakri, Yuta, Noro.
Europe: Noaide, Sami, Astuvansalmi.
North America: Nerrivik, Nuliayuk, Netsilingmiut, Sedna, Hatalii.
Africa: Dogon, Sangoma, Inyanga.
South America: Curanderos, Yaskomoe, Machi, Xon.
Australia: Kadji, Maban.

I love shaman names and I want mine to be Skipping Horse just like my ancestors. I am from North Dakota and I have a very proud Native American background from my my dad being Salish and my mother being Norwegian. I am majoring in the studies of Shamanism and of my biggest interests is names from all around the world.  One thing they have in common is that names of Shamans are always linked to their heritage and the names have a symbolic meaning in their own culture. Some good examples of shaman names are Worhty Corey which has to do with the silent drumming that brings about a spiritual journeying to the dream realm. This name holds a powerful meaning to the Nordic tribes of Tacitus. Most shaman of the world exist in South America. The reason so many of them are there now compared to 200 years ago is because they were banished away by Dukes of Earl since the government and the Christian faith started to consider their practice to be a threat coming from “devil tongue speakers.” Good Amazon Shaman names are Mapuche which means to heal and of course this Shaman as also seen a the village doctor.